Renewed Mobil Delvac Engine Oil: A Powerful Upgrade for Commercial Vehicles

Mobil Delvac, a renowned leader in advanced heavy-duty lubricants, is excited to announce the relaunch of its engine oil lineup with enhanced performance and a brand-new look. This relaunch introduces two exceptional products specifically designed for diesel engines: Delvac Modern and Delvac Legend.

Mobil Delvac Modern, featuring Synthetic Technology, and Mobil Delvac Legend, a specially formulated engine oil, has been developed to meet the demanding needs of diesel engines. As one of the few brands in Sri Lanka dedicated exclusively to diesel engine oils, Mobil Delvac takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of products tailored to cater to specific requirements of diesel engines.

Mobil’s flagship diesel engine oil product Delvac 1 is the premium synthetic diesel engine oil in Sri Lanka formulated to deliver exceptional performance in newer and older engine designs, including those with emission control systems. Its formulation meets or exceeds the requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

With over 90 years of experience and innovation, Mobil Delvac has gained global recognition as premier choice for advanced heavy-duty diesel engines. Delvac products has undergone extensive technical testing in partnership with large Sri Lankan commercial fleets, proving its exceptional performance and reliability on Sri Lankan roads. complete range of Delvac Modern and Legend products can now be obtained through authorized dealers across the island.

Mr. Chaminda Gunaratne, Joint Managing Director of McLarens Lubricants Ltd, shares his insights on the importance of high-quality diesel engine oil, stating, “For commercial fleet operators, maintaining your fleet appropriately has a direct influence on your business’s performance. Choosing to invest in premium engine oils can enhance fuel efficiency and markedly decrease maintenance expenses by safeguarding engine well-being and reducing the necessity for expensive part replacements. “

Mobil Delvac relaunch includes new packaging designs to communicate the innovative technology and upgraded performance. The fresh look reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering excellence and ensuring that customers can easily identify and select the right Mobil Delvac product for their specific needs.


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