Diva’s Dathata Diriyak Training Initiative Supports Women from 22 Divisional Secretariats inf Galle

“Diva Dathata Diriyak”, a collaborative initiative between Diva, a leading laundry care brand in Sri Lanka, and Women in Management (WIM), is on a mission to supports women entrepreneurs. Through specialized entrepreneurship training sessions, the initiative addresses the unique needs of women in business, fostering their growth and success. These carefully crafted sessions provide participants with essential resources and training opportunities, fostering business growth while instilling self-confidence on their entrepreneurial journey.

Building on the success of the initial sessions held in Dankotuwa in collaboration with Women in Management (WIM) and the subsequent sessions in Jaffna, the Diva Dathata Diriyak training program has now expanded its reach to Galle.

The program hosted a series of comprehensive training sessions covering a wide range of topics. These sessions focused on vital areas such as transforming mindset from producers to entrepreneurs, effective bookkeeping and finance management, strategic pricing, impactful marketing, customer care practices, how to leverage the digital marketplace and branding techniques.

To recognize the remarkable progress made by the participants, an award ceremony took place on July 20th, 2023, at the District Secretarial Office in Galle. The event celebrated the journey of female entrepreneurs from 22 Divisional Secretariats, who successfully completed the training program. Additionally, the program will continue to maintain engagement with the participants and monitor their progress as they continue to grow in their respective areas. Notably, the top three female entrepreneurs will receive financial support to further advance their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Diva’s Dathata Diriyak training sessions wield an extraordinary power in shaping an inclusive and thriving business landscape. This transformative initiative stands as a resolute testament to their unwavering dedication to support women and drive economic growth. By equipping women entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge, it ignites a path towards prosperity and unlocks limitless potential for a brighter future.

Diva, a cherished laundry brand among numerous Sri Lankan consumers, has earned their trust over the years. The brand’s profound understanding of the unique laundry requirements of Sri Lankan consumers sets it apart. It proves to be an ideal choice for the whole family. Diva’s laundry products are meticulously crafted, ensuring a simplified and effortless laundry experience, making it a reliable daily companion.

Photo Caption – The Diva and WIM team with the 38 women from the 22 Divisional Secretariats in Galle.

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