Häcker launches a wide Range of Kitchen Units at the year round Exhibition

Focusing “All about the family”

The Häcker family keeps growing as the German-based company introduced a total of 35 new kitchens from two product lines: Classic and Systemat to their existing product options. Finco Trading, the exclusive partner for Häcker kitchens in Sri Lanka, proudly presents this innovative product range to the local customers who are in search of truly world-class kitchen designs. Häcker continues to expand its range with highly attractive and sophisticated kitchens, tailor-made to suit the modern life styles around the world.

Häcker unveiled the new products in its in-house exhibition in Rödinghausen, Germany which is conducted all year round with the motto of “All about the family”. With classicMAX, visitors will experience the greatest expansion within the Häcker family in recent years. So young and yet so ambitious, the new 78cm cabinet height is right on the focus. The comfortable working height makes kitchen work easy and relaxed, even for taller people. In addition, this offers more space for supplies and a variety of kitchen utensils. The range comprises a complete base cabinet height of 78cm in combination with five tall units and four wall cabinets. Having launched in early 2020, classicMAX is available in 63 fronts and all cabinet colors of the Classic product line.

The handle-less kitchen feature of the OneLine design for SystemArt is a further highlight for all those who love straight lines, a purist look and minimalist joint pattern. With its continuous 4mm joint look, this cabinet system gives the kitchen a modern and clear-line appearance.

Another modern creation, Clever offers a well-considered 2 in 1 solution facilitating a skillful combination of the concepts with kitchen and utility in one room. A high-quality cooking area with brilliant fronts on one hand and a budget-oriented utility area on the other, set up a perfect kitchen-unit. Clever has an attractive overall appearance and is a combination of different price segments. The improved electric roller-shutter cabinet is another featured product with its innovative Quattro roll-up system enabling a quiet operation. The strong slats are sturdy and run smooth in precise guide rails. Due to its high quality, wide range of colors and attractive design, the roller-shutter cabinet with the concealed opening button promises many admirers on the market.

Häcker’s keen sense for the needs and desires of its customers is clearly reflected in the expansion of its own testing laboratory. Häcker kitchen furniture is prepared and guaranteed in an exhibition  area of more than 3000 square meters and   the huge investment in contemporary high quality testing methods ensure the best possible product quality, and the flawless implementation of new product ideas.

Visitors strolling through Häcker’s latest exhibition, will not only experience an incredible variety of kitchens, but also witness the great dedication and passion for environmental protection and sustainability.

 “Häcker is a performance oriented company and continues to be committed to nature conservation and social issues. We are a responsible company in every aspect”, says Mahesha Perera, Consultant, Häcker Sri Lanka.

Häcker’s uniqueness lies in its unmatched customer service and the fact that quality, product range and delivery performance meet world-class standards is just as important as Häcker’s comprehensive customer training and exemplary social and ecological commitment. In line with the trend of a health-oriented age, Häcker’s recent “Golden M” award demonstrates that kitchen furniture offers healthy living conditions. Together with the company’s own quality labels PURemission and Puresist, Häcker is setting special accents for the health and well-being of the consumers.  

About Häcker Sri Lanka

Häcker is a family owned company specializing in kitchen manufacturing with its years of expertise in crafting world’s highly popular modern kitchens. The company recently appointed Finco Trading, a subsidiary of Finco Holdings, as the exclusive partner to distribute Häcker Kitchen solutions in Sri Lanka. Finco Trading owns a state-of-the-art showroom located at No. 55 Galle Road, Colombo which showcases Häcker’s innovative kitchen units and kitchen design projects. Finco trading ensures an unmatched customer service while Häcker experts are always committed to provide consultations and necessary guidance in selection of kitchen solutions.



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