HUTCH upgrades Colombo Customer Service Point to provide a better experience

As part of its efforts to deliver a better experience to its customers, HUTCH, Sri Lanka’s fastest growing mobile broadband service provider, recently upgraded its primary customer service point at its Bambalapitiya offices in the heart of Colombo. The ceremonious opening was graced by Mrs. Yogalathagini Thirukumar, as Chief Guest and Mr. Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer of HUTCH alongside the Management of HUTCH Sri Lanka.

HUTCH has also recently completed the deployment of its world-class, island-wide 4G network empowering customers to “Be. Anywhere.” This massive network expansion including expansion of its 2G and 3G networks has enabled HUTCH to provide its customer with a better network experience while providing a portfolio of affordable and innovative products designed to address their key pain points.


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